Five reasons why I love Orchard CMS

  • If you are a Module Developer, you can download the entire solution from the GitHub.
  • If you are a Theme Developer, you can download the Orchard CMS Web Version from the Microsoft Web Application Gallery. The easiest way to do this is with the Microsoft WebMatrix. The installation is fast and you do not even need SQL Server because Orchard CMS can run with SQL Server Compact.
  • If you are a User, who wants to use only the Themes and Modules that community has created, you can sign up and create any number of Orchard sites you want in DOTNEST. DOTNEST is the Orchard content management framework as software as a service.

My Favorite Features

1. Shape Tracing and

  • Change the order of a shape
  • Change the zone of a shape
  • Remove a shape
  • Change the shape name
<Match ContentType="Page">
<Match DisplayType="Detail">
<Place Parts_Title="Header:1;Wrapper=Page_Title" />
<Match Path="/">
<Place Parts_Title="Header:1;Wrapper=Page_Title_Home" />
<Place Parts_Tags_ShowTags="Header:2" />
<Place Parts_Localization_ContentTranslations="Content:1" />
<Place Parts_Layout="Content:2"/>
<Place Parts_Common_Metadata="Footer:1" />

2. Dynamic Forms

  • Client Validation for better UX
  • Store the submitted form into the database
  • HTML encode submitted values to prevent code injection
  • Notification message that users see after the form has been submitted
  • Redirect URL after the form has been submitted

3. Blogs

  • Categorize your blog posts with Tags
  • Recent blog posts widget
  • Publish later a blog post
  • User roles for Editor and Authors
  • Blog Post Comments
  • Blog RSS Feed
  • Tag RSS Feed

4. Dashboards

5. Audit Trail



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